Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Message from The Big Boss Brad

There has been many articles done over the last year or so on this but now there seems to be a lot more interest in classic cars and trucks. It seems that, as younger people get into classic cars, the four door classics are getting much more popular. The younger generations have always preferred four doors and now that they are getting to the age of wanting toys, the four doors are "hands down" more popular with the younger crowds. I think its great, that for years, younger people were not as interested in collector cars as they were in years past. Turns out they were, they just wanted the cars to be a bit different from the past. Four doors, boxy and many times the unusual is now the trend. So much so, the values on four doors are increasing at a rapid rate. I think its great to get  younger people involved and hope even more young people embrace the trend and begin driving collectors. The style and class of all old cars always surpasses the generic new cars. Keep it classic!

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