How the Sponsor Gets Displayed:

**All advertising includes the below numbers 4 through 8 whether
the sponsorship is for an event or not!

At An Event:

1) The Sponsor (You) gets a sign, flier, card etc. with logo, name, information etc.that can be given to consumers at the event.

2) The Sponsors name and company/organization/program is announced at the event.

3) A dinning table, booth, bench, information table supported by sponsor (i.e., each person at the table receives a promotional item and/or literature from the sponsor and the sponsor's logo is displayed at the table)

4) Placement of a small sponsor banner or logo displayed at the event


5) Sponsor name or logo in the Good Fellaz Custom Classics online magazine

6) Sponsor name or logo in advertisements in our Blog at www.alibipresentationstv.com

7) The Sponsor information is placed in our ads in our programs (online, print, etc.) or flyer (ad size can range from business-card size to full page)

8) The Sponsors logo on organization's website (can include a hotlink to their site)


$750+ Donation

This is a category exclusivity (a guarantee to sponsors that once they sign on, none of their competitors will be allowed to sponsor at the same event).

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