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We have customers from all over the Nation and some from other countries. We enjoy working with all of our customers and look forward to the end results. This is what they have to say!

Joe W. reviewed Good Fellaz — 5 star - Customer from Missouri

Brad and his staff of experts are the Counts Kustoms of the Mid West. They did a fantastic job on the wife's 85 Monte Carlo. It runs and drives like it just came from the factory and the price was very reasonable for all the work they did to it. They were very knowledgeable as they have done so many builds they knew what needs to be done to make the car like new. We have more work to be done and it will definitely be finished at Good Fellaz. Brad tell Gary we won't need the blower now that he has gone thru the engine!!! LOL

Jim K. - Customer from California

Thank you so much. not sure if you guys understand how important your gift really is. these arent just old cars, they are memories. have a great Easter!

Brian B. reviewed Good Fellaz — 5 star - Customer from Minnesota

Brad is a very fair guy he has helped me out in time of need also was a very big support to my daughter after she had been hurt great guy great business.

Glenn C. - Customer From Missouri

Thanks Goodfellas I am very pleased.

Tresa B. reviewed Good Fellaz — 5 star - Customer from Minnesota

Loved buying my cutsie truck from them when they were in Truman. I seen it on the site and just loved it. I've had it 1 1/2 years. Its been a really good truck.. I never thought of a pawn shop having vehicles... Thanks Good Fellaz for a smoooooth experience.

Edward P. reviewed Good Fellaz — 5 star

Sounds like. You have what I need for my car restoration headliner needs repair (minor ) door panels need to be installed i need new carpet the car has factory air bu t am considering old air products ror under the dash unit engine needs to be detailed.

Ken B. - Customer  from Missouri

Freaking Awesome !! Thanks Bradley, you guys make it happen !

Amos G. reviewed Good Fellaz — 4 star - Customer from Minnesotta

Very knowledgeable people , extremely pleased. Would highly recommend.

Burgundie H. M. reviewed Good Fellaz — 5 star - Customer from Iowa

Ralph R. - Customer from California


John and kathy C. reviewed Good Fellaz — 5 star - Customer from Minnesota

Had a great experience - neat shop with honest dealer!

Dori E. reviewed Good Fellaz — 5 star

Check the FB page daily for great finds. Purchased items by mail. Super people and great customer service.

Bradly S. reviewed Good Fellaz — 5 star

Very knowledgeable and real easy people to work with. I'm all the way over of the far east central side of Indiana and they make it real fast & easy to get exactly what they've got posted, and MORE. I would 100% recommend Good Fellaz Pawn to ANYONE, nationally OR internationally, with great easy. Thank you and keep up the good work.

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