Offering a Special Thanks To....

On this page in particular, we have the ability to offer a special thank you to customers, sponsors, community members, businesses and more for being a part of the Good Fellaz family at some point or in some way.


To KOMU News, KYC3 News, Eldon Advertiser & Weekly Recap

This past Friday, May 18, 2018, We were able to suprise a family with the ultimate reveal. It was on a 1971 Dodge Dart that we had done - IN SECRET - for a Navy Soldier. His father brought us the car after his son was deployed and thought he would never be able to finish his car. He asked his dad to sell it and his dad sent him $1000 and said he did. Really.....He sent it to Good Fellaz to be restored. After 15 months of having to keep it a secret, we were finally able to reveal the Dart to the family.

We want to say thank you so very much to all of the news papers and news reporters who were able to come and record this reveal. The news coverage was amazing. We would also like to thank all of the service men and women who were able to make it out for the event as well. We grately appreciate the services and sacrifices that you gave and continue to give to our country. 

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Thank You to the 
City of Iberia & The Iberia Area Rural Chamber of Commerce
Thank you for the great ribbon cutting and open house during our Car Show event on Saturday April 21st, 2018. We appreciate all of the hospitality and the folks that have come out for the events and to see the shop. We look forward to more and are very glad to be here!

Special Thank you to 

M & T Towing
for all of the help you have provided to Good Fellaz and our customers.  YOU ROCK!!

Special Thank You to the City Of Iberia Missouri for the warm welcoming of Good Fellaz
to the town. We look forward to our growth and business opportunities with you!

Huge thank you to 93.5 Rocks the Lake of the Ozarks

for coming out on June 17th, 2017 to do the live broadcasting from the car show. Ya'll Rock and we hope to have ya out again soon!

Another big THANK YOU to the community of 
Lake Ozark and Osage Beach, Missouri
Thank you for accepting Good Fellaz Pawn and Motors 
to the community. We look forward to working with you all 
and we are here to help with pawns, auto body repair or custom body work
and all mechanics, even inspections!

O'reilly Auto Parts
1855 1st Ave N. 
Windom, MN 56101
(507) 831-6998
Monday-Saturday 7:30AM-8PM
Sunday 9AM-6PM
Huge Thank you to O'reilly Auto Parts out of Windom MN and their company as a whole for their services and sponsorship. It was such an honor having your reps come in today and meet with us. We are extremely appreciative of you all and have had great pleasure in working with you and look forward to continuing to work with you!

428 Ninth Street
Windom, MN 56101
(507) 831-6128

Chief: Dan Ortmann

Your city is served by a Volunteer Fire Department composed of about 30 members, who provide 24-hour protection. These members keep up-to-date with fire fighting measures by attending various schools sponsored by the University and Fireman’s Association.

There have been 175 members since the origin of the department. On an average, we have 25-28 members. We meet twice a month for training drills & meetings. We have anywhere from 30 to 120 fire calls a year. The calls are 50% rural and 50% city.

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