Monday, April 24, 2017

BUILD COMPLETE: 1960'S Volkswagen Beetle/Baja

Its official. The build is done and has 
been handed over to its happy customer.
 The build took a lot of work and rework.
We put a Baja kit on a Volkswagen beetle 
and getting those to mesh together well 
was a handful of a task. However, with 
all of the hard work and encouragement 
within the team, it has been done. The customer is happy and chooses to have 
a few extras added after she gets it home.
 After 8 months in this build, we are happy 
to see it roll out with pride. Major kudos 
to everyone here at Good Fellaz for how 
hard they worked and how much of their 
blood sweat and curses that were 
involved. This writer cannot say that 
we will be jumping to another beetle build again any time soon, but if the build is suggested, I suppose we would do it again.

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