Friday, May 26, 2017

From the Big Boss Brad

We are settled in our new location. We have many builds 
in from all over the Country. We are looking forward 
to showing this season all the restoration and crazy 
builds we have going on.

We are really excited we are to the point that other builders 
are talking about and comparing themselves to us it is 
really a true honor.

We will be expanding the television show as well as 
our business. We are adding some new faces and doing 
more in house builds along with the customer cars. We 
will be doing more custom builds and more car shows. Its really fun to meet everyone in person and match faces to names.

The last car show was incredible to hear how many people enjoy watching the builds and how many enjoy that we focus
 on cars rather the a man opera that has cars included.
 We all truly love what we do. We love the vehicles classics, rat rods, modified rides, hot rods, trucks and motorcycles.
 We have fun with them all.

We thank you all and appreciate every one of you!

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