Monday, October 30, 2017

1939 Buick Century Update

1939 Buick Century

This has been an amazing change for this classic beauty. The before and after photos
 shown below are just the begining of the restoration process for this car. The owner has
 chosen to redo the color in the original forest green color, but the outcome is
absolutly phenominal. The body work has been fun and hard but the end results will be perfect.

This photo (Left) is when the 1939 Buick first came in. It was in fairly good condition for its age and we are ready to get rolling on the restoration process.

  Stripping and Body Work

 In order to create the perfect restore for this build, the guys must first strip and repair the body. This was a lengthy process, but all worth 
it in the end.

 Rebuild - Reassembly & Prime

 After the body was stripped, repaired and fabricated, the guys had to reassemble the bosy, do the touch ups, sand, block and prime the Buick. 

Paint - Block Sand - Polish

 The paint came out great! The 1939 Buick is glwoing with its fresh coat of original color. Inside and out, shes looking great. 

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