Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Joy of Loving Our Customers

So here at the shop we stay very busy. Often times we have about 20-25 builds in at a times. We have the opportunity to work with customers from all over over the United States and some times we get the opportunity to work with customers from out of the country as well. We enjoy being able to work one on one with all of our customers and in turn they become our friends and almost like family for us. We meet them and their families, learn their stories and the reasons they have behind their builds and what the story or meaning of the build is for them. They have some great historys and some of the stories we hear will melt your heart, bring a tear to your eye and tug at your heart strings. But all in all, in the end, when a build is complete, the customers reaction and the outcome is the best.

We look forward to the reward of completion and the heartfelt sincereity of the joyous expressions that the customers and their families bring to us when the builds are complete. We hope that all of our viewers and followers do as well.

Maybe your story could be next. Let us know what you need done. Share your stiry with Good Fellaz. Remember...the history of your classic car is not just about the car, but about the memories and traditions of the past and the memories and traditions that it could bring in the future.

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