Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Busy Times

Here at Good Fellaz we love doing what we do. The build projects that we have now are going great and we have a customer list for those who want to get in to have their builds done. Yes, we have a big building and we have 15 builds going on right at the moment. Seeing the progress on each build and watching the finished ones go out and the new ones come in can be a thrill for not only us but the community of Iberia, MO and all of our followers. We love when folks stop by and check out all of the builds or walk by and look through the windows. It gives some people a chance to reminisce of old times and back in the day. We hear great stories from our customers and our visitors and we always look forward to more. 

So, if you have a project build that you need completed or need help finding that perfect vehicle for a build you have dreamt about, don't hesitate to cotact us and we can help you get that done!

Good Fellaz 
Custom Classics

835 Highway 42 / PO Box 77
Iberia, MO 65486


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