Friday, June 23, 2017

Classic vs. Modern Cars

Classic vs. Modern Cars

Is there really even an argument to that question?! Well, if your here, then no. Classic cars hold such a history, feeling and value that newer modern day cars do not. You can flip, sell, buy and add on to any new car, but whats the history? Whats the story? There truly isn't one.

Classic cars have a history and bring up memories for most people. Whether it was a car that they have owned forever, a family heirloom, someone else's car that brings back memories of the past or simply a dream car, Classics Trump Them ALL!

There is a high priority for the classic. Why pay full coverage and payments on a vehicle that is a newer and built to break. There is no more built to last these days. Classics were sturdy, dependable and reliable. They got people where they needed to go and still do to this day.

That feeling of sliding into a front bench seat with your sweet heart by your side and sitting close together while you cruise into the sunset down the strip with your shades on and nothing but smiles. Brings back memories of drive-in theaters, parking, cruise ins at the burger joint and the GOOD OLD DAYS! We need more of these times and less of the rush of times going bye just trying to get bye.

The arguments are mute to classic car owners. All of the debates fall upon deaf ears. Some argue that you can't go as fast in old muscle cars compared to new ones. Hate to burst that bubble, but you can. Most classics can go faster, stop better and sound fantastic compared to new models. Now days, muscle cars are simply fiber glass layovers with a speeding ticket attached at the purchase signing. Restore a classic and get pulled over, chances are you may still get that ticket, but you get the opportunity to take pics, smile and tell your story about the beast.

The envy of classic car owners by non-classic owners is great. Think about it....How many of you would prefer to watch the Dukes of Hazards car speed past you on the interstate instead of the imported bumper scrapers that we see now. I call those rice burners but to each there own. Would you
rather see a sweet Model A pull up next to you at a light just to get that “wow” effect or a $25,000 King Ranch that only has 50,000 miles and is already falling apart? The classics are simply tasteful, beautiful and full of life.

Tell us what you think! Give your input on this debate. You can check out the article below from “Opposite Lock” as well to see what other people say. Enjoy!

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