Friday, June 23, 2017

Restorations 101

Restoring and Customizing Classics

We all have that little voice inside of us that wants to show off some sort of sweet ride at a show or just cruising the streets to see the heads turn and the waves or smiles. We like the questions we get asked and having something that is simply unique. No matter how many new model fancy cars come out, so many of us thrive for that nice old truck done up, or that classic beauty that gives you fond memories of the past or revives a tradition to pass on. However you look at it, it takes time to do these things.

So, in these articles from “Second Chance Garage”  and " Vintage Auto Works", you will get some great information about restoring a classic car. These articles can be helpful to any owner, enthusiast, builder and more into the processes of how and what it takes to get that classic redone to maximum expectation. I hope you enjoy and be sure o swing and see us at the shop if you have something you would like done!


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