Friday, June 23, 2017

Get Your Chasis Done Right

The Chasis is one of the primary parts of a car that mold the whole car together. Bad chasis means no driving. They have to be straight and if they are modified, it has to be done right. There is no in between or crossing your fingers in hopes that it works out. It is a must. The chasis holds the body together.

Modifying it means modifying the whole car, like the firewall. The firewall is the heart. When it is wrong, the whole body is off. Its like a dominos effect. When the chasis is faulted, the firewall will not mesh well. If the firewall is off, bent, damaged, or doesnt fit properly then you have full body issues. It starts to off set the fenders, bumpers, doors and jams, hood and more.

It's a must to have a straight chasis that is done right from the begining. If not, you just built a pretty lawn ornament. So, if you have a build in mind and it comes here to Good Fellaz, please know that the chasis should be done right and we can do it for you.

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