Friday, June 23, 2017

Top 10 Worst Things People Do at Car Shows

Don't Do This at a Car Show

We all love car shows. We go to see the cars, find good car shops, buy, sell, trade and show off our beauties! So, since they are so popular, we need to know good car show etiquette. This article in the link below gives you the top 10 worst things to do at a car show. 

Here They Are:

#10. Don't steal anything!
#9. Don't let children run loose.
#8. No whining about the cars you dont have.
#7. Don't bring a gun to a scrabble game
#6. No burn outs or other poser moves.
#5. NO peek-a-boo dolls!
#4. Don't try to one-up people in conversation
#3. Don't be a dick to the businesses around the show.
#2. Don't be a dick because of the cameras.

Explainations of all of these are in the link below. Enjoy!

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